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From the beginning of time, Massages were always an easy way to relieve your body from tension and stress. Like we are familiar with the Thai, Greek and Chinese Massage; The Egyptian Massage is quite similar. Applying some form of pressure to the injured or wounded area and rubbing it thoroughly, do soften the ache.
The Egyptian Massage Aromatic sensations lead us to specific sectors of the area and also include the head and ears to stimulate the atmosphere around. improving the physical balance that we are naturally restored back to life. Releasing the tension and fatigue-ness. Healing the alleviate stress to boost our energy levels.
The Egyptian Massage can literally rid the body from lingering toxins, enhancing the health of the organs and the body, as this is also effective in weight loss. it is a form of healing the body from the belief of consequently balancing the energy in the body. The Egyptian Massage is the perfect way to alleviate tension and soothe tight muscles resulting from these acclimatize conditions.
Journey of the Masseuse Mohamed Khalid has been in the industry of a Massage therapist in his home country in Sharm EL- sheikh In Egypt, for a period of six years. Commencing his trade in the finest hotels Amar Sini hotel, Mexican hotel, Sol Verginia hotel and the Crown plaza hotel. Shortly after, migrating over to Poland he continued his talent in a studio in the city of Radom; he joined the "Studio Urody Metamorfoza" a cosmetic company that enabled him to go further.
Authorizing his profession to expand and broaden his horizons further completing a course with the Polish Academy of Massage Therapy as a 'Spa & Massage Wellness' enthusiast. The young professional had taken a leap in trying something out as a chance to grow his career further Settling down and having a family and adjusting to life's tolls he never gave up in his dreams. He moved with the Stena line Ferry from Poland to Gdynia: Then moving to Karlskrona in Sweden for a while. Deciding to settle on the Maltese Islands as it is the perfect location for him to settle down with his family, in a safe environment.
Mohamed Khalid commenced his profession locally with the famous Marion Mizzi Wellbeing at the Radisson hotel in Saint Julians, where he closed a period of two years with her guidance. With much support from people who admire his life goals, he took a leap of faith and currently as a young man and self-employed he quotes to the local nation that: "I have officially opened my own business to assist people with the opportunity to try out the Egyptian Massage, Prices are reasonable compared to other parlours, and 1 guarantee you that it will be an experience you will never forget!"